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The premier place for guidance to grow your online boutique
Let the vault answer the questions you've been searching for; how to drive traffic, get customers to buy, run your boutique business, and more.
Boutiquers Success Vault 
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What's in the Vault

The Vault is a monthly membership where for 1 low price you get access to all of Online Boutique Sources Webinars, Videos, and Master classes. In addition you get new content monthly as long as you are member and monthly QA sessions with me.  Here are just some of the programs we've already added to the vault:

  • Email Marketing for Online Boutiques
  • FB 101 for Online Boutiques
  • Holiday/ Launch Book Camp
  • 5 Mistakes that have customers walking away from your online store
  • Live Q&A

.........and more added each month

Here's what our Vault Members say...
Listening to the videos I have already implemented some of the tricks and have increased traffic. Best thing I heard was the video about how your target customer isn't always you. Really changed the way I make decisions. It's worth every penny!
Amanda Morris, Posh My Gosh
I came to the Vault to retrieve information on how to open my business successfully and that is what I received (and am still gleaning) from it. This is really IS reputable information that will guide you, you will not feel alone in your venture.

Akilah Thompkins-Robinson is the owner of Online Boutique Source. Akilah has been working with online retailers for over 10 years as a web designer and marketing coach. Akilah learned businesses need more than just a pretty website they need online marketing, branding, and help get traffic to make sales. While designing for others Akilah also opened a few of her own business selling stationery, jewelry, tee shirts, business retail designs, Pampered Chef, etc. and even sold Mary Kay.

Akilah also found took a little time to speak at events and get featured on sites like Small Biz Chat, Career Magazine, Revision Path Podcast, and various WordCamps.

In June 2013 Online Boutique Source was formed to share all of Akilah’s online retail knowledge. I started Online Boutique Source as a niche site and over the year introduced training and coaching to further help online boutique owners. Akilah’s doesn’t just share her personal experience, but also experience she gained working with different businesses from retail, to corporate, to nonprofit.